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Amie Lunn is a nutritionist with a passion for health. Amie Nutrition provides evidence-based, in person nutritional therapy services in Wakefield, Leeds and the surrounding West Yorkshire area as well as online services worldwide.


Nutritional therapy is the application of the latest nutritional science/research along side clinical experience to support health conditions & promote optimal health & wellbeing.


Nutritional therapy is of benefit to everyone & anyone; it considers every bodily system & can therefore support any health goal or condition from acne to weight loss, and even cancer.


It all starts with an initial consultation, where you will be asked detailed questions about your health & history before being given a personalised protocol.

What people are saying

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I went to Amie for advice to go alongside fertility treatment...she advised me all the way through treatment & pregnancy, & shortly after the birth of my daughter, gave me some hands on breastfeeding advice which totally transformed my breastfeeding journey. Seeing Amie for nutrition advice meant that I was…in the best possible health, which I am sure contributed to the success of my treatment, I would definitely recommend her for any kind of nutrition advice!

- Steph M

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I recently met up with Amie to discuss perimenopausal symptoms & what to do to alleviate the menopause when it finally hits. She is fantastic to work with. Very informative, full of great ideas, very supportive & as enthusiastic as me to ease this inevitable stage in life. Having put all her suggestions in motion, my symptoms completely disappeared (well, for now). However, there is no magic pill, but tweaking one’s diet can have a very positive impact & it’s up to you (the client) to work with Amie in order to achieve amazing results. I fully appreciate maintaining an ongoing relationship with Amie, will see my health go from strength to strength. I can heartily recommend taking that first step to meet up with Amie. Small steps can make a massive difference.

— Lisa L

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Amie is both knowledgeable & passionate about nutrition, taking a holistic approach that can be applied at any stage of life. I attended an online ‘First Foods & Infant Nutrition’ workshop which was a brilliant way to kick-start our weaning journey. I felt like I had the right tools & the confidence to start my daughter on solids, whilst also changing aspects of my own diet to optimise nutritional benefit. Thank you Amie, I would recommend this to all parents, grandparents or anyone else who plans on being part of baby’s weaning adventure.

— Aimee G

Who am I?

Hi , I'm Amie, a registered Nutritional Therapist (BSc, mBANT, CNHC) providing evidence-based, in person & online nutritional therapy services. I work with a variety of clients both 121 & in group settlings, facilitating health behaviour change to improve the vitality of my clients & their families. Infant feeding & childhood nourishment are particular areas of interest to me & are themes that run throughout my work as The Mummy Nutritionist. I look forward to working with you to help you achieve yours &/or your families health goals.


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